Segond fracture

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Segond Fracture
Segond Fracture - ACL Tear
Segond Fracture - Lateral Meniscus Tear

Avulsion fracture of the lateral aspect of the proximal tibia below the articular surface. The mechanism of injury is internal rotation and varus stress, which causes abnormal tension on the central portion of the lateral capsular ligament.

Segond fractures may be accompanied by:

  • Tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (75-100%).
  • Injuries of the medial and lateral menisci (66-70%).
  • Avulsion fracture of the fibular head.
  • Avulsion fracture of the Gerdy tubercle.

When a Segond fracture is identified on the plain film or suspected after clinical examination, MRI is indicated to evaluate the anterior cruciate ligament and possible injuries to menisci and other structures.

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