Pancreatic cystic lesions

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  • Most common symptomatic cystic mass
  • Pancreatic fluid encapsulated within thick, irregular, fibrous walls
  • Result from acute pancreatitis
  • Often calcifications in walls
  • Don't drain until well formed (6-8 weeks) and don't drain if ductal disruption

Mucinous Cystadenoma

  • Malignant low grade lesions
  • Most commonly found in middle aged women (95%)
  • Excellent prognosis with resection
  • Well circumscribed with internal multiloculated cysts and thin septa
  • Often six or less cysts about 2cm each
  • Attenuation varies but does enhance
  • Peripheral calcifications can occur
  • Most commonly the tail
  • Do not communicate with ductal system

Serous Cystadenoma

  • Benign, no malignant potential
  • Female to Male 4:1
  • Tiny cysts contain clear fluid, but can have macrocystic type
  • Stellate scar
  • Central calcifications
  • Can have a unilocular form which occur in the head
  • Lobulated contour

True Pancreatic Cysts

  • Rare, solitary epithelial lines cysts
  • Associates with von Hippel-Lindau (50% patients) and ADPCKD (5%)

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