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aka Exostosis

  • Most common noncancerous (benign) bone tumor, 40% percent of all benign bone tumors (9% of all bony tumors).
  • Painless, solitary or mulitple, usually pediatric poulation, may grow in a child or adolescent.
  • 1% has malignant degeneration of cartilage cap.
  • Occurs when part of the growth plate forms an outgrowth on the surface of the bone. This bone outgrowth may or may not have a stalk (pedunculated or sessile).
  • Around the knee is the most common location.
  • Cartilage cap >1.5 cm raises concern for calignant transformation (chondrosarcoma).

Multiple hereditary exostosis aka (Osteochondromatosis) - AD disease, 3-5% malignant degeneration

Trevor's disease - osteochondroma of epiphysis

Patient A - Age 15 Months
Patient A - Age 19 Months
Patient A - Age 4 Years