Invasive ductal carcinoma

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Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Not Otherwise Specified (IDC NOS)

  • IDC NOS and Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) account for 85% of breast cancers
  • IDC NOS presents as a spiculated or irregular mass or as a new focal asymmetry

Well Differentiated Subtypes of IDC

  • Overall better prognosis than IDC NOS
  • Mucinous
    • Low density oval, circumscribed mass containing mucin
    • High T2 signal on MRI
  • Medullary
    • Round mass with ill defined boarders
    • Well circumscribed carcinoma composed of poorly differentiated cells with scant stroma and prominent lymphoid infiltration
  • Tubular
    • Appears spiculated
    • Excellent prognosis (tubular = cool)
  • Papillary
    • Round intraductal or intracystic mass
    • Often present with nipple discharge

Poorly Differentiated IDC
Previous MLO
Previous CC
Current CC
Mag CC
Current MLO
US Mass
US Mass
US Axilla
Staging CT
Staging CT