Esophageal rings

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Esophageal Rings [1]
Esophageal rings

Lower Esophageal Sphincter: a 2-4cm high pressure zone above the GE junction that prvents reflux and is more a physiologic rather than anatomic sphincter. Not evident radiographically but but manometry.

Z-Line: irregular serrated line that demarkates the squamocolumnar junction


  • A Ring - broad smooth muscular ring (LES)
  • B Ring - mucosal ring at Z-line, constant, smooth, symetric, if located 2 cm above diaphagmatic hitaus suggestive of hernia. Fixed membranous ring less than 13 mm passage is Schatzki's ring.
  • C Ring - oblique sling fibers of stomach

Esophageal Hiatus - angled opening in the diaphragm, mobile, may be 1cm above diaphragm with swallowing